Bird Song and Birding

Bird Song and Birding: Watching birds is for some people a passing interest, for others a more serious recreation, and for still others, it is a passion. Regardless of the level, "birdwatching" or birding has evolved, according to some sources, into the fastest-growing hobby/sport in North America. We're not just restricted to "watching" the birds in our yard, or in the local area. We travel to see them. We buy expensive optics to see them better. Some photograph them, others record their songs, and everyone seems to keep some kind of "list" of the birds seen (whether a life list, or simply a list of the birds seen on a specific day or trip, or during a certain year).

My name is Ernie Jardine. I personally have been involved in all of the above activities. I am not alone. This is but a brief sampling of the various pursuits open to those who venture out in search of the birds. While each one presents its own rewards, and each takes its own unique equipment or approach, all usually have the same goal, to study and learn more about those birds that intrigue us.

As stated, I've tried many of the activities that birders find themselves involved in, but most recently I've turned my attention to recording the sounds of the birds. My interest in bird song is of long standing. Back in 1996, I wrote a book on the subject "Bird Song: Identification Made Easy" (Natural Heritage/Natural History) with a view to providing the basics for those trying to learn bird songs. My second publication, "Bird Song Defined, Decoded, Described", available now, takes an even  more analytical or "teaching-oriented" approach to the subject. In keeping with that objective, I have made available here, 100's of my recordings, which illustrate the majority of the songs (and their variations) dealt with in the book.